Air speed max in TBM to 210knts

Hi all, just got a speed violation in the TBM. I am surprised since I was climbing at about 220kts and was between 20000 and 25000ft. I then realized that the red dots are just above 210kts, whereas they used to be at 265kt… is this normal? Anybody affected by the same “new” limit!
I now have a good 46kt tail wind but do only 373kt Gs.
Thanks in advance.

As you climb higher I’m pretty sure the airspeed restrictions start coming down(correct me if I’m wrong)


True, but i am flying at 375 GS with a good tailwind… whereas i used to reach 400 +… I am pretty sure it was not the case before. The limit was above 260kt. I also fly at the same altitude every day with that plane… I might be wrong but would like to hear from someone at 28000ft where the red dots are.

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Your safe option when flying the TBM is to just set the speed to 200kts when climbing through FL280. When you’re below FL280 and you set your speed to 200kts, by the time you get up to FL300 or the service ceiling FL310, you’ll be at the appropriate cruising speed. This speed comes out to M.53 or M.52. Any faster than those speeds is not necessary and exceeds limitations as noted in the TBM930 Operators Manual.

By setting the speed to 200kts below FL280, you’ll guarantee yourself safety from violations that could be accrued by over-speeding. The red dots won’t appear if you fly at the speeds as noted in the previous paragraph.


Hi, thanks for that. I’ll grave this in my poor memory. True I was surprised to reach often 412kt at cruise altitude, without overspeeding… felt like an airliner.
One week in grade 3 will help me put that 200kts limit in my head!
Thanks all and safe landings.


No worries. We all make mistakes. Its a smaller plane and goes a bit slower than your average airliner. Sometimes I have to get in the mindset and realize what I’m flying before I get into cruise and set a speed.


Soooo right! Know where you are and what you are doing is a good rule to follow, and not in sims only!

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Climb to 3000 ft agl at 120 then above 3000 is 180 until cruise then adjust your speed approprietly.

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Sounds good and safe, thanks. Just watched a video yesterday. A guy climbed at 125kt a long way (real life) in a tbm. I have learned. Thanks to all.

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