Air Slovakia B757

Air Slovakia B757
Seen here landing at Bergamo Orio Al Serio Airport


About Air Slovakia:
Air Slovakia was an airline based in Bratislava, Slovakia, operating out of M. R. Štefánik Airport. The airline offered scheduled and chartered passenger flights, as well as aircraft lease. The airline was founded in 1993 and ceased operations in 2010.

IATA ICAO Callsign

About The B757-200:
The Boeing 757 is an American narrow-body airliner that was designed and built by Boeing Commercial Airplanes. The then-named 7N7, a twinjet successor for the 727 (a trijet), received its first orders in August 1978. The prototype completed its maiden flight on February 19, 1982 and it was FAA certified on December 21, 1982. Eastern Air Lines placed the original 757-200 in commercial service on January 1, 1983. A package freighter (PF) variant entered service in September 1987 and a combi model in September 1988. The stretched 757-300 was launched in September 1996 and began service in March 1999. After 1,050 had been built for 54 customers, production ended in October 2004, while Boeing offered the largest 737 NG variants as a successor.

B757-200 Specifications:
Cruise Speed: Mach .80
MTOW: 255,000 lb / 115,660 kg
Service Ceiling: 42,000 ft (13,000 m)

Interesting livery and even more interesting airline! You got my vote.


Just dropped a vote for this too! Currently we don’t have any Slovak liveries in IF and it would be great if we could get this!
Here is Air Slovakia’s old route network with their 757:


All the way to Mauritius? Wow.


They used Djibouti as a stopover but yea


You got my I vote, and as @Philippe_Gilbert said we don’t have any Slovak liveries or airlines in IF and I personally think that it would be a great fit!


Wow, I am so happy to see this request!

Being a Slovak, this would mean so much if it were to be added into IF!
Not only would it bring many new and unique routes, but would also be Slovakia’s first livery in IF! (as mentioned above)

This has won my heart and my vote, I’m praying the devs add this!


This is a stunning feature request and it has my full support! I’ll consider voting

I must admit I never knew this airline existed
But that route network looks absolutely stunning 🤤
A long flight in a heavy narrow body from Eastern Europe to Africa or the Middle East is something I definitely drool over