Air show

Would anyone be interested in participating in an air show if I organised one, would be on the free flight server, would consist of a takeoff, airport overpass and then a landing, also formation flights. Would be ten minute time slots for each person to show their abilities, would have an atc and if ur not flying you can watch in the atc tower view, any aircraft can be used.
What are your thoughts

Yeh but speed violation would come in wouldn’t it

But it would probably be better on free flight server but there would be no atc

Yeh I didn’t think of that haha that could be difficult then, it would have to be on playground server,

Very cool idea, I’m all in! I think it should be in Free Flight Server as ATC dosent really matter at a show. Rather have pre planned who will fly when or even 2 or 3 planes at a time. I can approach and almost land Up Side Down😀

Free flight server would be better but I would like the atc to keep it organised, it would only take a couple of people to fly to long or short and would stuff up other plz times, but then free flight server you can do a fast overpass, if it were on the free flight everyone would have to strictly stick to their times

That’s a very good idea. Any specific aircraft in mind

I heading towards anything except for the props. They would be to slow to make an overpass then land within the given time slot, and I’m heading towards the playground server to keep planes under the 250kt limit, because some devices may be to slow to capture a fast moving plane, (eg) I know with my device if a planes moving to fast it just shows the the 4 dots

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