Air Show @ KDMA - 140700ZDEC17

Time: Start-Zulu 7:00, End-Zulu 7:30

Date: 13/14 Dec. 2017

Server: Casual

Location: KDMA

Call sign: Air Force 328

Time Flying: Approx 30 minuets

No ATC is wanted!

This is an air show lady’s and gentlemen. If you are coming to watch please choose the aircraft of your choice and park only at [Alpha] named lots.
If you are part taking please chose slots in [Bravo] [Charlie] only.
Restriction aircrafts (flyers): Spitfire, A-10, P-38, SR-22, Cezna 172/208, Super Decathlon and all fighter jets.
If you are flying show off your best tricks. Any questions do not hesitate to ask. Happy flying!

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I fixed it for you this time because you provided the information needed to conclude the title. Have fun with your event!

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