Air Show Groups

Does anyone know of some show groups.? I’m asking because I kind of want one at my airshow

Show groups? Can you be a bit more specific? Are you referring to something Infinite Flight related or something in real life?

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I’m not sure that the community has any demonstration teams.

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Sorry, in Infinite Flight

I don’t know any groups but I know some people who could do some.


OK, thank you everyone

IFCAS (Infinite Flight Council of Airshows) is currently pending approval. Stay tuned for the thread release once approved. 👍🏻


Haha not me. Maybe @TVANatalie471 and other people. I always move at terrible time…

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Heres a pretty neat air show which will be taking place in a couple of months. They seem to have a discord server but you need to pm one of the event leaders (@James_Harvey and @Ben_W) to get the invite link. Tyler shelton (Infinite flight ATC community manager) Will also be issuing a NOTAM on the day it takes place to make sure no one ruins it which sounds awesome.

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Thanks man much appreciated

Also got @IFAE_GLOBAL_AIRFORCE who would be able to provide some epic military displays!

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I might be able to fly the C-130 or any fighter jet and fly some tricks and I can even do some with commercial jets

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@anon70624511 something for you

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Here’s a link to MY airshow

Alright, then just click on the link right above your comment. Not the one in the box, the link

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