Air Seychelles Airbus A320

Pretty amazing livery, love the tail and the color :)


looks beatifull, colours bring more life on Infinite Flight.


I like that livery, more than the old one.

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Once again, Beautiful! :)

looks so colourful, would love this livery in IF. it has such a unique design as well

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Would love this livery. It would look good on the a330 which they have as well. Definitely want this though

What a beautiful livery! I want this so bad!

Beautiful!i definitely want this! Reminds me of she sells sea shells at the seychelles sea shore


Back of plane like rainbow very beautiful

Really Beautiful! :)

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Bumping this because I think we need this! If we get this that would certainly bring more people to the Seychelles region. Would vote but I have reached maximum votes

I love the livery but please refrain from necroposting please.

But can I say that I like this livery? That’s not necroposting is it?

Necroposting is when you reply to a topic that is old, example is this one. Let’s refrain from doing it as it is not encouraged.

That only counts if the topic is your own.