Air Seychelles A320neo


Today, I want to request the Air Seychelles A320neo as the possibility for us to vote for A320neo liveries has been opened up. This has been one of my favorite liveries for quite some time and I am happy we are now getting an aircraft out of the airline’s fleet into the sim potentially.

The airline is based out of Mahé on the Seychelles and flies to different destinations around the Indian Ocean mainly, such as Mauritius, but also to destinations further afield such as Mumbai, Johannesburg and Tel Aviv. It has two A320neo aircraft in its fleet.

Air Seychelles - Wikipedia

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We have to have this gorgeous plane!


Agreed! Let’s hope we’ll get it not too far into the future!

This is pretty nice livery! Ill clear up some of my votes for this one!

Thanks a lot mate

This airline will make for a great VA

I’m really hoping for this bird because this is a must have! Air Seychelles has on of the best liveries out there!
Sorry for the bad quality, but I took this pic while pushing back at Victoria (FSIA).


Thanks for sharing :D

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Once made a repaint for it. Always a fan~


Would love to see this, such a stunning livery!!

So colourful - it’s a yes from me

Looks great! I struggled with those „paint brush“ strokes at the tail a lot

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Yeah, that’s true.
I only got a clear image after it paid a visit to Beijing for the Winter Olympics 😂