Air Seychelles A320 from close range

Hi everyone,

On the ramp at FIMP last month, I took some shots of an Air Seychelles A320. I really like that plane, and this particular livery is nice. I hope you’ll enjoy it as well.



Lovely shots! I liked the third and fifth clicks the best 😍

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Thanks! I wish I could have made better shots of the whole aircraft, but I was kind of spy shooting here (with my mobile…), given that it is not really allowed to take photos on aprons…

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Great photo’s thanks for posting them :)

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Great photos!

Btw, that tail number is must-have thing for S7 Airlines 👌

Thanks! Btw, i don’t understand what you said about the number? Could you explain a bit more?
Thanks in advance!

The tail number of aircraft you took photo of, has tail number S7-SIL.
And one of the russian airlines called as “S7 Airlines”. And would be cool if one of this tail number was for S7 Airlines. Do you the the similarity now?

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Get it now, thanks! Learning every day…

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Nice! I once took some pictures of a Volaris a320 up close when I was comming back from Mexico.

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Nice shots, though the correct term here is ramp. Tarmac is the pavement, but the ramp is what many people refer too as the tarmac.

I stand corrected, thanks. I edited my original post.

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