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Hi everyone!
So I’m a little confused…I want to join a virtual airline, Air Serbia. Because that’s my home country. However, in all the threads about Air Serbia virtual, they all seem to be old and closed. Is there any possibility that someone can start a new Air Serbia virtual? And maybe I can help around? I think that would be awesome! If anyone wants to discuss this feel free to shoot me a PM so that we can hopefully rise Air Serbia virtual from its dust and ash…

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This belongs in #general

Why? I’m talking about a virtual airline! Wouldn’t it make sense to put it in the VA section?

It’s not a virtual airline thread, nor something related to an actual VA.

So, @AlphaSeven, if you’re interested in possibly starting an Air Serbia Virtual, I recommend reading this thread first to get some insight on making a Virtual Airline.


This is VA related, so it should stay in #live:va.

Check this link for a list of all the VAs approved:


I’ve just had a quick check on the IFVARB site for you. Air Serbia is neither listed on the active VA list, or the pending one. I’d say that’s available for creating if your up for the challenge.

Best of luck!

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It doesn’t belong in the VA category as that is for official approved VA’s. @AlphaSeven just follow the links provided to start your own VA. See you in the skies!

@Daniel14 the first line of this topic specifically says: for all things VA related

About the VA Category


Alright, I changed it to #general. Thanks for the help, and the links guys!

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Yup, if you want to you gotta make one, It’s a hard challenge but if you have determination you can do it!

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