Air Serbia VA ( recruiting and under construction)

Ladies and Gentleman. Previously I wanted to start my Very own VA from scratch but I realised it was a mistake. Moderaters please don’t recognise this an VA that Is released this is just a recruitment VA topic.
Please PM me for Positions and Suggestions.

Quick question. Why are you announcing your VA before you even have a website? I would take the time to create a good, attractive website before I announce my VA.

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Yeah, adding on to what @Aviationluver said, VAs take time. I may still start a VA, but you have to plan it out. Not going to be mean, but one thing that also makes a VA professional is if you use proper spelling and grammar. Just saying…

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Ok well I need someone that could help me with creating the website

Good luck from Redwings!

Good luck from Southwest Virtual!

Too many VA’s!

Good luck here anyways

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