Air Serbia unveils new "Nikola Tesla" special livery


Earlier today, Air Serbia’s new Airbus A330-200 was spotted in Shannon in a new special livery inspired by Nikola Tesla, a Serbian-American inventor. The aircraft itself was bought from Aeroflot as a replacement to the current aging Airbus A332 YU-ARA and features a new cabin arrangement along with a new hard product, and of course, the new special Livery. The registration of the new aircraft will/is YU-ARB.



Image Credit: Oisín Tierney

Air Serbia had a previous special livery on its Airbus A330 aircraft nicknamed “Serbia Creates” and featured a more typographic livery. The A330 had been fitted with multiple liveries/special liveries which can be seen below. The A330 will currently be used on the single scheduled route from Belgrade to New York, along with multiple different charter flights which have been ever so popular during the current Covid-19 pandemic, primarily used in shipping Vaccines.

Air Serbia A330 liveries

Standard Livery

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“Serbia Creates” livery

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“Nikola Tesla” livery


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My opinion

I think that this livery looks great. It is a great way to resemble a piece of Serbian history and talent through Nikola Tesla. However, I also see it as a political move. In general, I think that this livery looks miles better than the “Serbia Creates” livery, but I believe that the standard livery looks best with the A330 and think they should stick to it.

I’d love to see what everyone thinks about the new livery. Do you like the previous special livery or standard livery more on the A330? Comment down below!


I think it should have been more grayscale, in my opinion. Looks a little odd to me.

Otherwise I’m a fan of the culture and history it brings :)

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It’s Electric, Boogie Woogie Woogie.


looks pretty cool


Easily one of the coolest liveries I’ve seen. Thanks for sharing!


I personally like this one much more than the previous “Serbia creates” livery, though i think they could have let their single A330 be in normal company colors for at least a little bit, before switching to this livery.

I read somewhere that rumor has it, it should fly back Belgrade on Monday!

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