Air Serbia Madness - @LYBE 041800ZAPR20

Hello, and good day!

Welcome to my first groupflight thread in a long time. Today we’re taking the Airbus A330 across the pond to New York JFK, Air Serbia’s only long haul route!

Flight Details

Aircraft: Generic Airbus A330-300
Flight time: Approx. 10-11 hours
Spawning Time: 2020-04-04T18:00:00Z
Server: Expert
Stepclimbing to FL300 and FL350 @ M.084

NOTAM: ATC Will probably be present on arrival. Please act professionally at all times. I am not responsible to any ghosts/violations you may receive. Please copy my flight plan. Spawn at any available parking at LYBE.

This flight I am joined by @AviatorAlex and @Komar1712.

Make sure to come, see you there!


I’m very excited to do this flight !

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Yes me too!

Departing in less then an hour! Come join us!

I’m currently a grade 3 will still be able to join, I’m still a novice with the grades. Is grade three expert server?

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I’m currently a grade 3 is that expert server?

If you are grade 3, yes you can fly in the expert server

Yes, you can access it. Would you like to join?

Yes I would love to but I’m currently flying Egll, I have 530 nm to go

Thank you, much appreciated. Keep climbing

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Spawn in-in 10 minutes!

If you’re coming please spawn in now!

When you call the Atlantic a mere pond…

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