Air Serbia Airbus A330-200 (Standard livery)

Air Serbia Airbus A330-200 (old livery)

Hello everyone! Welcome to the new and updated Air Serbia A330-200 livery request! I wanted to request this because of the huge absence of balkan aircraft in Infinite flight.


About the Livery and Airline

Air Serbia is so far, the only airline in the balkans to currently operate a long-haul aircraft. Air Serbia introduced the Airbus A330-200 aircraft into their fleet in 2016, along with the official route announce of BEG-JFK, the first in the country since the 90’s. Air Serbia is the current home airline of Serbia. It was founded in 2013, and has been one of the fastest and most rapidly expanding airline since then. Air Serbia operates routes to 60 destinations, using a fleet of a mixture of Airbus A320, A319, A330, and B737 aircraft (737-Aviolet subsidiary of Air Serbia) The airline operates out of 3 hubs; Belgrade, Niš, and Kraljevo.

Links to take a look at

Wikipedia page - Air Serbia
Air Serbia takes delivery of A330 - Ex-yu Aviation news
Air Serbia A330-200 Takeoff

Why I think we need this

I’d love to see new balkan airlines added. Air Serbia is the only balkan airline to operate a wide-body aircraft at this time, and adding it would be a huge contribution to the increasing number of A330 liveries and operators in Infinite flight. Air Serbia has a beautiful livery which includes the colors of the Serbian flag, and the coat of arms, and would be an honor to fly in the IF skies. The A330-200 is not yet a variant in Ininifte flight, however you can vote for it here.

Dropping a vote by clicking the “VOTE” button in the top left of your screen would greatly contribute to the addition of this lovely livery. If you like it, what’s stopping you from voting for it?

Thanks for looking, see you around!

Banner, info, and layout all hand-made by me

I hope they go back to their regular livery asap. Will see if i can free a vote for this. Would love to fly LYBE-KJFK


Definitively. I hate their new livery honestly…

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I love this Livery but IF doesn‘t have the -200 ;(

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Their new on is a little ummm, Cringey?
The old one is very nice though. If I get a free vote you will see my vote :D

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You should put this in the title

I wouldn’t say cringey, I would say it’s a little over-exaggerating…


Come on! We need this livery! Its awesome!

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This is such an awesome livery! lets hope it gets added to IF soon!

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So what do you guys say? Do you like this livery on the A330?

  • Yes, I love it! 😍
  • Eh, it’s not bad 🙂
  • No, I don’t like it 😒

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It’s not bad but there’s no not bad option on the poll so… could you add that option?

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Yep, just added it!

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Very detailed, you have my vote!

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Haha thanks! This is one of my older ones so its quite messy 😅

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@BosnianAviation, @NeperQiell where you at? Your votes are needed! 🤣👍

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I would if i had some left

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You got my vote bro 😁

First we need the a330-200 model first lol

We have it, but we only have the freighter version ;)

Hvala! Thanks mate 👍

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