Air Serbia Airbus A320

Personally I think the developers should add the Air Serbia livery now the reason being is because. IF has Croatian Airlines Livery. But why not Air Serbia. Air Serbia has more Passengers and better routes then Croation Airlines.
What do you guys think?


One airplane per request also duplicate. Please search befor reposting.


Please only make 1 livery request by post.


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There only one request and an image.

The request is a duplicate and the image does not match the request.

Yes it does the image is an A330-200!

you changed it and it’s still a duplicate, sorry my friend

Wait what do you mean by duplicate.

The request has already been made. And the image is an A320, not an A330.

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No I think thats an A330-200

It is not. PLEASE do your research before posting. Even if it was an A330 it would STIlL be a duplicate

still a duplicate

How! Jesus

[noun, adjective doo-pli-kit, dyoo-; verb doo-pli-keyt, dyoo-]
a copy exactly like an original.

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I’ve already linked the topic above

jesus the A319 is a duplicate too (crying of laughter emoji)

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Stop changing the post. It still is a duplicate either way.

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Also @anon93676386 has as well

Ok how is it now?