Air Serbia A320 LYBE-EGLL

Aircraft: A320
Airline: Air Serbia
Server: Expert

Here is our aircraft that will be taking us from Belgrade🇷🇸 to London🇬🇧, an Air Serbia A320 registered YU-APH with the name of “Vlade Divac” in the front of the plane, who is a famous Serbian basketball player that used to play in the NBA league, and now works as the general manager for the Sacramento kings 🏀. Aircraft is 18 years old.✈️

Lined up on Runway 12R preparing for takeoff✈️to London Heathrow🇬🇧 as a KLM E190 holds short of the runway awaiting its departure to Amsterdam🇳🇱. Fun fact: Runway 12R will be used as a taxiway after refurbishment of the existing runway at Belgrade. ⚠️🦺

Lift off, our wheels leaving the ground as we get set to take on our trip to London Heathrow 🛫 🇷🇸---->🇬🇧

Here is the tail of the aircraft. The double headed eagle on the tail represents the Serbia coat of arms eagle. It also has the sticker “95 years of flying.” Fun fact: Air Serbia is actually one of the top 10 oldest airlines in the world, Air Serbia is the successor of the first national airline “Aeroput” which began operations in June 17, 1927. ✈️🇷🇸

Here we are with a beautiful scenic background with mountains near Slovenia and Italy 🤩🏔

And finally, after 2 go arounds, our wheels finally touched the ground, marking the end of our trip from Belgrade 🇷🇸 to London 🇬🇧

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What a well made topic! And what a beautiful livery! This day couldn’t get any better! 🙌🏻🙌🏻


Amazing topics, I can’t wait as you to see Belgrade in 3D 😍