Air Serbia A320-200

Air Serbia Airbus A320-232 (YU-APH) 🇷🇸

Hello everyone, welcome to the Air Serbia A320 feature request!

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  • The plane is an Airbus A320-232 with the Air Serbia livery.
  • According to, the plane was made in 2006.
  • The complete name of the plane is A320-232.
  • Also according to, originals airlines of the plane was:
  1. Air Deccan, 2006-01-14, VT-DKV
  2. Simplifly Deccan, 2007-10-01, VT-DKV
  3. Kingfisher Airlines, 2008-08-29, VT-DKV
  4. EI-EXO, ALC, 2012-07-02
  5. SP-ACK, Bingo Airways, 2012-08-22
  6. YU-APH, Air Serbia, 2014-03-05

  • Air Serbia is the airline of Serbia…

  • We doesn’t have a Air Serbia livery in infinite flight.
  • The two eagles in the tail are very nice.

The Serbian airline would be a great addition to Infinite Flight, like with Aegean Airlines. :)


Cool livery, got my vote. Have flown with Air Serbias A320’s couple of times between Belgrade and Athens.


In the new liveries of the A320 family, it would be nice to see this. 🙂


This livery looks beautiful! I’d proudly support the Serbians. 🦅


I think IF is lacking of the Balkans airlines.

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Yes, I agree as well.

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Changed to A320-232 to A320-200 to reduce confusion.

The brother of the Air Serbia A319-100 is needed in the simulator.😃
Air Serbia have 3 A320 (one of them is from Etihad airways.

Would love to see this in game soon! Let’s go Air Serbia!! 🇷🇸🇷🇸

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Agreed @AlphaSeven. 😊


The name of this A320-232 is Vlade Divac.

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Did you guys know that Air Serbia names their aircraft after famous people?

This aircraft, (YU-APH) is called Vlade Divac, which is a famous Serbian basketball executive that is the general manager of Sacramento Kings!

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I think you guys know what to do 😉


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Prekransnan avion!


The big brother of the A319 need to be add with his little brother.

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It’ll be nice to see it in game


Agreed with you, it is a missed livery on the A320.

Do you like the livery?

  • Yes.
  • Meh, can do better.
  • No, it’s horrible.
  • The livery is better on the A319.

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Bringing this, a bump!

Since the Air Serbia callsign was added a long time ago, it’s time for the addition of his livery!


This should have the same votes as the Air Serbia A319!
Hope to see this in 20.2!


As soon as the 20.3 is released I intend to vote for this beautiful livery, I also like Serbia 🇷🇸


Thank you @misterATOMIC!