Air Serbia A319-100

Our small Serbian group (@Komar1712, @Ivan0921, me) have strong hopes for this to be added in 20.2 along with some other Balkan airlines such as our brothers Air Albania and Bulgaria Air. Truly hoping IF adds this instead of another EasyJet or JetBlue livery…

Ajmo ljudiii 🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸 🤙



« Another easyJet » , please let’s not be off-topic and shady for no reason, the easyJet which is asked is the current one , not another, so it makes way more sense to get it, Serbia A319 needs to be added as well, it won’t be added by burrying others opinions.
However I agree with you regarding Jetblue.


People vote for what they want.

Let’s keep our energy in order to show our love for this livery, not something else :p

In case Air Serbia A319 doesn’t get added , it’s not the fault of easyJet or another livery, this is based on many factors (votes and others , as we already know).
Anyway, both liveries are amazing.

May my hopes be with you !


Lovely livery! :)


The issue (Or rather my issue) with EasyJet is that we already have its livery on multiple aircraft. I can completely understand the need to get the newest livery (Trust me I’m that type of person that would also want that) but I feel that we should prioritize new liveries instead of adding a new updated livery of an airline that has it livery in the game already. After all, the current EasyJet livery is still being used, so I don’t really see a problem as to why it can’t be used and require the newest one to be added. Also just to be clear, I didn’t want to “Bury any opinions” here, I was just using it as a reference to a post that was made by a a member of staff. Not to be taken personally.

I absolutely love when liveries are added. Don’t get me wrong here - the new EasyJet livery would be a great addition, however my point is that we should focus on airlines that do not have their liveries in game already. I’d love to discuss this further however I don’t think this is the place for it, my inbox is always open!

I respect your opinion, though. And thank you for your support :)

Thank you my friend!


Yes, it’s still being used in like 2 airplanes (it’s clearly nothing in comparison of the amount of easyJet A320 currently flying in FR24) and soon it will be removed by the airline, so , i other words, its A320 are mainly with the new livery.
Knowing that IF deleted some old liveries which aren’t more used, it’s useless to only keep the old one in game and it would be better to add the new one according to me and some people.

I really hope that it gets added, as you said it would be cool to have new liveries that we don’t have, yes !

Noticed 4 AirSerbia’s A319 in FR24 , here is one of them :

Source of this amazing picture


Great livery! really need more liveries from Balkans


Four votes left and we will hit 20 votes.


Thank you for the support everyone, it’s much appreciated. Lets get this to 20 votes!


I want this with Volotea and Air Corsica and i rest in peace.