Air Senegal Receives it's First A330-900NEO

Air Senegal A330-900NEO departing from Toulouse


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Hey all!

Air Senegal has just received it’s first A330-900 NEO! Air Senegal has only 2 on order and this is their first one being delivered! This A339 has the registration of 9H-SZN. The aircraft is equipped with x2 Rolls-Royce Trent 7000 engines. Also the Air Senegal A339 has 32 business class seats, 21 “premium plus” seats, and 237 enconomy seats. The A339s Air Senegal has ordered will most likely be on the routes going to Paris Charles de Gualle (LFPG/CDG), and other medium to long haul routes.

I think this is great for the new West African airline. A very efficient aircraft that does not take much fuel and can accommodate many passengers. Perfect for an airline that has started less than a year ago. Also I do think this livery looks quite nice, very sleek, modern, and clean. Along with the beautiful design on the tail.

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Now, what are your thoughts? Is this a good or bad a bad move by the carrier?

Let me know down below!


I like the A330NEO, but it’s practically just a slightly different looking A350. Either way, this livery is gorgeous and congratulations to Air Senegal.

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It’s very different, take a look at the stats.

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Wow I’m surprised I never realized how gorgeous the livery looks

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Yea it’s quite pretty.

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Just a little correction:That is the Manufacture Serial Number, not the reg of the aircraft. Anyways,amazing aircraft,hope to see it soon.

Ah thanks, couldn’t find the real reg.

I can’t wait either!

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I was referring to the exterior. I know that on the inside, they are completely different.

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9H-SZN is the registration.

Very nice looking aircraft, by the way! It’s currently on its inaugural journey from Dakar to Paris!

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Thanks Nathan:)

I was looking at what time it would depart yesterday on FR24! Forgot to check it:(

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