Air Sénégal | Paris-Roissy to Dakar

salut everyone!
passionate about aviation, travel and photography, today I am starting
to share with you my travels in the virtual sky of Infinite Flight!

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Air Sénégal, Airbus A330-900neo. LFPG to GOBD
flight number HC404. time flight: 5h08.

ready to take off? Sensa 404 is taking off runway 26R, departing south.

flight over the breathtaking landscapes of Andalusia, Spain.
Alcalá de Los Gazules, provinces of Cádiz and Cortes de la Frontera, province of Malaga. cruising altitude: 32,000 feet.

arrival above Mama Africa.
Mirleft and El Gantour, between Casablanca and Marakech, Morocco.

approach phase on Dakar.
the arrival promises to be a little overcast. no wind forecast, prepare the flight instruments!

a successful landing at Dakar Blaise Diagne International Airport despit a reduced vision!

It’s time to give these engines a rest

so, what did you think? If you like this format and my adventure, let me know.
à très vite !


Underrated livery - great photos!


I concur. I did a DIAP → GOOY (2ish hours) in this aircraft/livery some great scenery.

Absolutely stunning 😍

You have received the “Official A330-900Neo Seal Of Approval” From me ✅🥇

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thank you for this feedback! as a lover of this machine, it’s glorifying 🥇
what is your favorite variant of the A330?

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a simple livery which carries the colors of Senegal high!
a little general culture moment: In Wolof, Teranga comes from “teer/teerul” which means
to welcome. It designates the values of hospitality, sharing and solidarity of the Senegalese.
hence the airline’s philosophy, Ésprit Téranga.

Wow amazing, très bien! I have been planning and I will definitely do this route one day, I will start in Sénégal then fly to Paris then fly back to Dakar with this amazing a330 neo

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Absolutely stunning! Such an underrated livery.

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thank you for your feedback! ^^
the promise of beautiful landscapes throughout the flight, def a very cool medium-haul
flight to do. I hope you do it soon then!
I plan to explore other cities on the African continent very quickly with other equally cool planes, so stay tuned!

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Thanks! a livery that we don’t actually often see on the tarmacs.
always interesting to use planes as such. be iconic!

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