Air Sénégal Airbus A330-900neo

Uhm they are based in Senegal not Guinea…

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They also fly to Guinea

Also forgot it to mention I would got to Dakar after and yes it would be very cool if Dakar got 3D

Edit: please do not question the realisim on what im saying

As a Destination

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Haha ayt, you afrixan btw?


yup African American im based from both Guinea and Senegal but I live in NYC

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Congratulations to you all!


Look what arrived 😍


I knew she was coming!! Flights coming!

Congratulations for this! Superb livery

Let’s go we have it, can’t wait to fly with this beautyyyyyyyyy

So, question, what will be your first flight is this beauty of the sky ?

My first flight with the Air Senegal livery will be a delivery flight: To Lose to Dakar

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I will go to Dakar and do my first ever A339 flight 😍😍

I wasn’t expecting to have this livery as soon when I created this feature. I am very excited about this update 😊😊

I will close this topic when the update will be up

Congratulations on your personal achievement

sorry if it’s boring to keep repeating this over and over again, but sometimes it ends up coming in one way and then it can take a while to be corrected

Devs fix the mask please, in addition to the other details I posted in the A339 Airbus A330-800/900neo - #328 by Gabriel_f request topic now I noticed this, I believe it is not something impossible to fix, this is a texture

notice that there is a curvature in the mask


Amazing livery but there is a problem on the winglet or wing whatever it’s called :

Here is the Infinite Flight one :


And here in Real life :


Yeah noticed that too maybe they struggled to do that flag on the wingtip

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Africa gained another angel today! Congrats everyone

What’s the problem? Note that the IF shot is far ahead if the aircraft wing whilst the one provided is mid-way behind the wing. The 21.4 premiere might come in helpful for reference too.