Air Senegal Airbus A321-200 Livery

Good morning/evening/afternoon Infinite Flight community ! Today would like to present you a feature request that will not only increase the number of West African liveries (We only have Arik Air) but would probably also give us the opportunity to explore some great places and perhaps see more West African airports on the schedule (logical right ?).

First, Air Sénégal has a beautiful livery, it will give us the Opportunity to fly to different places in Africa then we currently do (West Africa and mid Africa, see route map below). We will also be able to fly to West Africa’s most beautiful airport (Dakar) and to the best one (2019- Accra DGAA). We will also be able to have more traffic in the West African airspace.

Another feature request about Air Senegal livery.

The Air Senegal can also be in the A319-100 registration 6V-AM
Link to feature request:
Air Senegal A319-100

“Air Senegal wants to be a citizen company, with international standards, with a business model based on customer satisfaction and operational excellence, while respecting the safety and security standards of the aeronautical industry.“

“Air Senegal is a dynamic company steeped in Senegalese culture and the TERANGA SPIRIT. Its main concerns are security, reliability and quality of reception. Founding principles put at the service of customers for their satisfaction. An international airline, Air Senegal is built to the most rigorous international standards of air transport: safety, reliability and quality.

Brand of Senegalese’s culture, Air Senegal takes the TERANGA SPIRIT around the world.“

Website: Source for the informations of this topic.
HUB: Blaise Diagne International Airport [GOBD]
Year of creation: 2017


Route Map cities and ICAO.


*New Destination will be coming soon: Washington, Geneva, London.

Aircraft Quantity Notes Registration
A319-100 Three _ 6V-AMA
A321-200 One Delivery Flight in progress To be announced
A330-900neo Two _ 6V-AMB
ATR72-600 Two _ 6V-AMS
B737-500 One _ YR-AMD (currently on leasing)
A220-300 Eight To be delivered 2021-2024 _

Thanks for reading now let’s hear your voice, vote! please ?image

All Sources

Air Senegal A321 picture: Here
First route map (cities): Here
Route map ICAO: I’ve done it with
Air Senegal website for Airline description (the text with quotes).: Here

This is an absolutely stunning thread & Aircraft! I would love to see this, I am out of votes, but you have my support!


Very well laid out and cool request, nice job on this!


Thank you mate. If you go on your profile you can see your votes and you can remove some so you can vote for this livery because you like it. 🙂👀

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Thank you very much shane! Thanks for appreciating my thread I can appreciate something from you too! your vote 😜


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Nice request, and an awesome looking thread!


thank you very much hope you also like the livery colors.


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You got my vote @Babacar 😉


Thank you mate. If you go on your profile you can see your votes and you can remove some so you can vote for this livery because you like it. 🙂👀


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Vive le Sénégal! I am totally voting for this because we don’t have many West African liveries and the thread is laid out really well and it is gaining traction quickly.

Hey! Thank you very much for the vote and support. Yes we really need this livery. People under estimate this because they don’t know how scenic the routes will be with this livery!
And this livery isn’t that complex is it ?

Merci @AviatorNikola

Really good thread Bab! We absolutely need more African liveries and Air Senegal one is sweet, you got my vote :)


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Thanks a lot yes that’s 100% true.