Air Senegal A220-300

Photo: Airbus

Air Senegal has ordered 8 A220-300’s to modernize their fleet and replace their aging A319’s. These A220’s will fill many routes currently flown by the A319’s from London to Milan. Having this livery in the game will allow for a unique flight experience with a unique livery.

Routes planned:

Dakar to: London
Dakar to: Lyon
Dakar to: Marseille
Dakar to: Geneva
Dakar to: Milan

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Nice feature request like the livery


Think of how great it would be to do some short haul routes right on the North-Atlantic Coast of Africa! We need more African liveries! Let’s get this in Infinite Flight!!!

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Ok I’m directly voting. @Q-ENAN @Aviation88 @Captain_Nicolas coming to our home airport !
(@HB3YNV )

@Jeremy351 @Ousmane_Ndiaye @saam

Here’s the thread we were looking for yesterday !

@Babacar 🇸🇳✈️


Yes let’s go for this it’s what we’ve been waiting for :)


Beautiful livery and airlines you have my support

You have my vote !! I really appreciate this livery and the country too

You have my vote

Thanks for the support!

If there is anymore that I should add let me know

Bump! Come on we need this with the A220 update!
This will make flying to Western Africa so much more realistic!

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And it will soom fly to Geneva as well, I don’t when but soon :p

It was postponed because of covid

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Let me see if I can clear a vote for this, I voted for it on the NEO as well