Air Refuelling

Hey uhm, could anybody air refuel me if can? Im on 18% Fuel remaining and I think I wont get to any closest airport or destination

Hey! Check this thread out;

I may be free. What aircraft are you in?

777-300, Im near Brazil but nearset airport is already far away

Unfortunately, refueling is only available to the following aircraft:

  • F14 (Tomcat)
  • F16 (Falcon)
  • F22 (Raptor)
  • C130 (Hercules)
  • C17 (Globemaster)
  • VC25 (Air Force One)
  • KC10 (Extender)
  • A10 (Warthog)

Check this thread out!

Oi, Ill try to get to any closest airport then…

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