Air Refueling

Once a Tanker is airborne and NOT part of a pre-established support sorte would it be a bad idea to ID this AC on the map in a different color than other planes if at all technically possible ?

When flying with offload fuel onboard this may assist airborne fighters wanting to remain aloft and are close enough to intercept and refuel (may use too much fuel to complete so distance dependant)

Once intercepted the contact and desire to fuel and acknowledgement may be made by cycling strobes on/off by both AC . If the tanker can’t comply no strobe on/off cycle.

KC-10 also carry cargo, personnel and medical support
as most of you know.

Flying as a random gas station is not a true to life mission profile but in IF …If you know where to find gas in the sky it may help.


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Not sure about changing the colour of the Callsigns, but you could change your call sign when available to take fuel?

thats a thought but typically tankers are on “station” so ID of the AC needing fuel is
asking the tanker to move into its airspace? Did I get that wrong ?

Depends on the situation. Sometimes we go and intercept receivers, sometimes we have preset tracks. Just depends on the mission.

I think this would be a good feature request!

Why not just call yourself Texaco if you’ve got gas available?

Could become a thing.


It may be easier to have a common callsign when available for refuel. That way you could filter it out on LiveFlighf. In addition, there are groups like IFAE GAF that will publish refueling tracks.


Texico IS or was a call sign used by Tankers enroute or departing the Middle East
as is Exxon Mobile and others lol

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could be ! I was mainly looking for a way to establish
a fast and positive initial ID

The only drawback is the squadrons have unique call signs or mission specific. Example
the USAF KC-10 in IF is depicted as a Travis Afb
349th AMW plane which makes it either
a 70th ARS (ORCA) or 79th ARS (TOGA)
the Orca’s and the Toga’s …

So if flying the 10 out of Travis I’ll use TOGA xxx
as a call sign

I used to work for Chevron so have used the callsign CVX in the past!

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check this out 😊

My father worked for Chevron also !
for 25 years i think…back around the time
of the dinosaur extinction


Oh absolutely. I was referring to when there have been refueling tracks planned and published for the community at large. The common callsign wouldn’t work for GAF, but could work for others in the community that just want to do refueling if they got together.

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oh…good idea !

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