Air refuel Blue Angel and MD-11

**1) Was cruising at FL310 and on my flight path there happened to be an MD-11. Got close enough for to attempt an air refuel. Then we both flew together in F-18ā€™s.

**2) Blue Angel 2001-KLGA-KCHS. The other user eventually hopped in a f-18 labeled Blue Angel 2002




Cool pics but Iā€™m pretty sure that is a KC10, not a MD11 šŸ˜‰


Nice photos. Looked fun!

DC-10F (KC-10 Extender USAF)

Ja ja, my bad. KC-10.

in infinite flight it is under the DC-10 im pretty sure

There technically is a Ariel refueling MD-11, there was one prototype converted but the final version never entered service.