Air protection team


I think it would be good if we had a Royal Air Protection team (RAP) just like we have an advanced ATC team.

So what the RAP would do is if an aircraft is unresponsive then we could scramble fighter jets to the aircraft to shoot it down over less populated parts of he region eg. In London not near EGBB or EGLL etc.
Or a RAP fighter jet when within 3nm could send a message to say which airport he/she must land the aircraft at or they will be shot down, then they give he/she 2 mins to change course or they will be shot down providing that they are over a less populated part of the region.

If they have to be shot down then they will instantly get a violation, a 5% standing decrease and possibly a ban from infinite flight of they have an inappropriate name.

So basically people are selected (air traffic control are) to make aircraft to follow the rules or they get ghosted, this makes it realistic aswell
They log on (like air traffic control do) and wait for ATC in that region to get them to intercept an aircraft

Please like this, this could be one of those awesome things you’d think FDS wouldn’t add, and adds a whole different spectrum to the sim, making people obey the rules, and giving the skilled fighter pilots something to put their skills to



How is this any different from the one you made a couple minutes ago?


Why didnt you just add this to the other one?


I’m gonna delete the other one


Ugh @Brandon_Sandstrom beat me to it


How are you going to do that?


Are you just obsessed with shooting down airliners full of innocent people?


Nope, I’m just interested in fast jets and fighters


You could just ask for more of these jets to be added


And in real life if a plane doesn’t follow directions it wouldn’t be shot down. That’d be kind of ironic😂


I think the other one will do…

Continue with this on there