Air pressure

Down in the flight info bars on weather they’re is a thing in there saying air pressure, I have clicked on it and it stays at 10.13 the whole time even at higher altitudes, can someone please tell me what’s wrong with it because it would be so cool to see the air pressure drop while going up in altitude.

I think it shows the pressure on the sea level

I’ve also found that temperature doesn’t change with altitude. Maybe they just aren’t modeled.

Temps do change with altitude, I have noticed it first hand on IF.

Because we don’t have a way to set an altimeter setting 1013 hpa or 29.92 mmHG, everything is what we consider “standard pressure”. Maybe in the future we’ll be able to change altimeter settings and have folks adjust this setting. 🙂


Ah I understand, in the Cessna 172 live cockpit though does the pressure stay the same?

Yes. All aircraft from the XCub and the 172 to the behemoth A380 and the queen 747 will operate under standard pressure.

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Hi. Pressure does of course change with altitude, that’s what gives you more and more ground speed compared to indicated airspeed as you go higher. Pressure sensitive altimeters work by translating the predictable drop in pressure with altitude to a height scale. The problem is, what happens when you get changes in weather making the whole stack of air look higher or lower - the altimeter gets fooled into showing higher or lower altitiude with the change in weather system pressure. So the fixed pressure setting is simply the agreed upon place in the atmosphere column the we choose to enter the fudge factor that compensates for weather - at sea level. I’m sure there a better explanations than this…

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