Air Peace Boeing 737-300

Air peace is a private airline with its head office in Lagos,Nigeria. I think it would be great to have this livery in IF.image


Good looking livery

Like it, would be very needed for IF! The livery and of course the -300 variant.

Looks Nice!

I’m with you on this my buddy. I need a Nigerian based airline in the sim one day.


Then like it. Posts like this clutter the topic; people need to scroll further to find meaningful posts that contribute to the topic.


Well I like the livery and I really need a Nigerian livery

Looks great!

I wouldn’t support the livery being put on IF, as it could take valuable livery slots for commercial airlines. But this is a beautiful design. Do they only have 737?

Yes its only 737 but there is still another airline called Medview her are some pics

Is it is to late to add a Medview livery to a 747

To be honest it will never be added , but hey worth a shot ? Keep in mind you can only do a #features request when you reach TL2 and you are TL1 , so you going to have to place your #features request on the side line until you reach TL2 … :)

How do I become a TL2

It is pretty easy, all you need to do is the following:

-Like posts

  • Comment/post meaningful content. ( You will receive likes in return for this)
    -Partcpate and engage in threads.
  • Vist IFC daily.
    -Be a figure of trust and post trustworthy information/advice.
  • Create threads that the community will appreciate and find interesting.

Then you should be all set , it won’t come overtime rather something that is earned overtime. All good things come to those who wait !

Reaching regular status is the real challenge ;)

Anyway back on topic.

That is a -400 it has the engines of a -400. And up. The -300 had the older engines