Air Peace 777-300

As the new rework of the 777 is upcoming, I would like to suggest Nigeria’s only 777 operators, Air peace to be added to Infinite flight.

They have 3 777s in service right now, 2 777-300 and 1 777-200ER, serving to Dubai (Sharjah) and aim to acquire more for their future routes like; London, Johannesburg, Houston, Guangzhou, and Mumbai…

Air peace’s Hub is in Murtala Muhammed Intl Airport, Lagos (DNMM)

I would love to see these planes in infinite flight personally, especially as the planes are in service. I would also love to see more west African airlines in infinite flight.

Callsign of Airpeace: Peacebird




Don’t forget to vote for your own request! 😁


Hey I would change the 200 as there is already a feature request for it 😁


Very nice livery for a triple 7. Do be aware though, that this is a 777-300 (non-ER)

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yeah, I put the (er) as there is no 300 variant on IF and its unlikely they would make a new 777 variant :(

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As stated in hear, only 1 picture pare feturw request. This deture could be closed if you dont fix it. I recomend reading through this. About the Features Category

Amazing livery for the 777 hopefully either the 300 or 200 would be added


OP requested Closure.