Air One Crj-900

Air One had 10 crj-900’s before the airline merged with Alitalia. This livery and aircraft is special to me, because it reminds me of my childhood, and I would immensely appreciate your support!

Info on Air One Crj-900

Info on Air One:
Air One, was an Italian airline which operated as Alitalia’s low cost carrier subsidiary with operating bases located in Catania-Fontanarossa Airport, Palermo Falcone–Borsellino Airport, Pisa Airport, Venice Marco Polo Airport and Verona Villafranca Airport. Air One ceased operations on 30 October 2014 as Alitalia based its new partnership with Etihad Airways. All routes were either cancelled or taken over by Alitalia itself and the aircraft were either repainted with the Alitalia livery or retired.
For more info on Air One:

Nice livery!

It’s too bad they didn’t have just one. It would have suited their name better.


Love the tail. ☝🏽The Logo view little Lufthansa, not 100% but the animal looks like the same.

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Reminds me of the Lufthansa livery

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@turkish534 @Ninetales I assume, it looks similar to the Lufthansa livery because before its merger with Alitalia it was in a partnership with Lufthansa.

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Because of that i have voted for this🤙🏽 Nice livery.

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Looks nice and also a lot of memories:-)
Have to find a vote…

Edited: voted

Can’t confirm anything here, but it appears
the call sign appears to be on the list.

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Hmmm, this could be a good sign 🤔. But I wouldn’t get my hopes up just yet…


@Massimo_Murgida, congratulations on having your feature request confirmed by FDS! You will see this livery in IF soon! :D

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