Air NZ ‘Crazy About Rugby’ a320 Livery

Hello IFC :)

Today I present to you the Air New Zealand ‘Crazy About Rugby’ livery on the a320

Why should this be in Infinite Flight?

Debut in 2011, this aircraft would be a great addition to IF as it betting represents the NZ culture in my opinion with its 2 large striking Ferns on the tail. There are many different variants of this livery but most of them were changed to this livery in the end, it serves domestic routes within New Zealand. On the front it says Crazy About Rugby which is true for most of New Zealand.

I really do hope this gets in the game it’s such a nice livery :).

I’m not at all crazy about rugby, but I am crazy about flying around New Zealand and that is a cool livery on the A320.


Whoops sorry, my computer had a stroke

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Oh mate I love this

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Oh mate same ;)

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I like this livery a lot! Unfortunately, I can’t spare a vote for this one.

@BadPlane, you like rugby, right?

Interesting request!

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Do love the All Black liveries! Nice different coloured tone then the usual!

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I agree there

Yes I love this, I am an All Blacks Fan

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Care for a vote?

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I don’t have any votes left unfortunately

That’s ok :)

As a New Zealander, I would love this to be in IF, u have my vote!


Would love to see the livery however I do prefer the new All Blacks Livery as it looks more sexy