Air Nostrum CRJ-1000

Please do not forget to include this airline with the CRJ model.
With 77,000 flights and 4.2 million passengers per year, Air Nostrum is the leading regional aviation company in Spain and one of the largest European airlines in its class. Privately owned, it operates for the Iberia Group under the Iberia Regional Air Nostrum brand, invoices more than 400 million euros per year and has approximately 1,400 employees.


The images are from the official website of the company:��a&subtitulo=Nuestra%20flota

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Hey there, nice feature request. Be sure to only request one livery per one aircraft per topic.

I edited it so that it was just 1 livery per 1 variant of the CRJ. You will have to make 2 separate ones for the CRJ900 and 1000.

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It seems very bad that you put limits. I am a user and I pay my subscription as everyone. I have the right to request it so that others can vote on my proposal

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