Air North (AU) E-170

Air North (AU) Embraer E-170

Photo Credit - Wanping Chen

Air North is a growing regional airline in Northern Australia, having been formed through a merger it commenced on the 4th of July 1978. Over the years it slowly grew acquiring aircraft such as the King Air, DC-3, Fairchild Metroliner and Embraer E-120. In 2007 Air North started jet operations with the acquisition of E-170 regional jets. Today the airline operates 3 E-170s, VH-ANO, VH-ANT, VH-SWO.

The Air North E-170 fleet operates from these airports in the Australian region
Darwin (YPDN)
Gove (YPGV)
Cairns (YBCS)
Townsville (YBTL)
Toowoomba Wellcamp (YBWW)
Melbourne (YMML)
Perth (YPPH)
Broome (YBRM)
Dili, Indonesia (WPDL)

Hopefully we can see this livery added for the E-170 rework, it would bring alot of interesting routes and destinations to the game!

I hate to be that guy that does this but only the 175 and the 190 are being reworked

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Wait really? I didn’t know that. Thanks for telling me otherwise the post would have stayed up longer and I would have looked like an idiot.

Also it’s likely the E-170 and E-195 will be removed with the E-Jet rework. Sorry to say but this livery will likely never come.

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Yeah I’ve flagged it, but I’m currently writing up an E-190 request so that will appear soon

I also believe there’s already a request for that so making another one would be a duplicate Alliance Airlines E190

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Thanks, You saved me alot of writing!