Air Niugini Flight 73 crashes in Chuuk

Alright forum pilots, let’s not speculate on what happened!! No one was on the flight so there’s no way to know and let’s wait till the accident report comes out


Fair enough. Fair enough. An accident report should be out in the next week or so.

Lel, someone had to say it

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Isn’t this like the third incident today I’ve seen? We had the nose gear, the crazy guy in Dublin, now this. All today… 😱


what guy in Dublin?

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The one who chases the Ryan Air plane, this guy…


Thank God everyone is safe. How was the weather? That might give an idea of what happened.

Wikipedia says that the plane overshot the runway (on Air Niugini’s Wikipedia webpage)
Strangely, a news article I read says it landed short of the runway. 🤷‍♂️

So a plane intended to land on the airstrip but ended up landing in the water in front of the airstrip because they were low on the glideslope. I haven’t heard of a water landing in a while.

Funny how everyone relates this to Sully XD


Oh now I’m confused… which tutorial should they refer to? The landing or the takeoff??? Someone should link both of them down below 😩

Well there water on either side of the runway so it’s possible both happened

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I am surprised by this crash. Its also very surprising and relieving all of the passengers survived :)

Wow It’s Sully(Boeing Version) all over again.

Great skill by the pilots,the narrow bodies like the A320 and B737
Have a much better chance of staying intact when ditching the plane in the water.
I suspect pilot error by the looks of this.Many other accidents are very similar.Asiana incident at KSFO for example.It was pilot error as they didn’t use the glideslope and landed short and was a lucky break from a much worse scenario


Its The Papua New Guineas National Flag Carrier

Fog and climate conditions confused pilot to miss runway when approaching landing.

My guess is pilot error, I wouldn’t be surprised if the pilot training in Air Niugini isn’t a rigorous as some other airlines.


One person has been confirmed missing sadly. Hope they find them asap.


One person has now been confirmed dead


Very unfortunate news


I’m quite surprised there wasn’t a higher number of casualties.
First of all, I’m assuming the landing gear were deployed. Wouldn’t they have caught the water, pushing the gear (and the bottom of the plane with them) backwards and pointing the nose into the water? And it seems that they wouldn’t have been able to follow any ditching procedures, so wouldn’t the plane have already filled up with water and almost-completely-sunk by the time all of the passengers and rafts had been cleared from the aircraft instead of being only half-sunken like in the pictures?
Also, I don’t think any of the passengers would’ve prepared for the ditching, so I assume none of them were in brace position, none of them had on life-jackets, none of them were ready to jump to an exit, etc.
Combining the fact that the plane could’ve been sinking considerably faster than if ditching measures were taken in the cockpit and the fact that this was very unexpected by passengers and crew (unlike something like the Sully Cactus 1549 incident), wouldn’t it be expected for more casualties to have happened?

Of course, I’m not saying that I wanted more casualties to occur, but to me it’s just a surprise that almost no one died in this incident.

[Edit: Ok, I just realized that they overran the runway instead of coming short, but my points remain mostly the same.]

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i agree, seems like a miracle that no one died

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