Air Niugini Flight 73 crashes in Chuuk

Police have confirmed that all of the passengers on board a plane that ended in the lagoon off Weno airport in Chuuk in the Federated States of Micronesia are safe. It was around around 9:30 a.m., officials saw the plane had landed in the lagoon instead of the runway.


The flight was attempting to land at the airport in Weno, said airport official. Instead, it landed in the lagoon in front of the air strip. At this point it is unclear why the accident happend

More information plus video: Here


Dang I dont know how they did it but it looks like Flight 1549 going down into the water. Cant beielve they didnt flip


I wonder what caused the plane to go down early.

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We don’t know what’s the cause of this accident yet

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Wow! What a tragedy. My friend went on a Niugini 737 last week. I winder is Captain Sully landed it?🤔


It will be interesting to see what the official cause of the crash will be.


I almost positively think that they were low on the glide slope and last seconds tried to pull up with power but stalled the plane causing the tail to hit the water and it just gliding across the water. Which is why there not flipped but upright. It’s almost like SXM where the runway is on the water but there probaly not a lot of rocks in front or a beach. But that’s just my opinion


OMG !! what was that pilot thinking !!

For the record, it isn’t always the pilot’s fault. Some times things just go to hell, and you have to hopefully crash-land the plane with as little damage as possible.


you’re right


It looks like a succesfull water ditch which is very rare.


yeah jajajaj it very seems like that

I’m getting Cactus 1549 flashbacks and I was only 6 when it happened. I’m so happy everyone made it off safely. Now I want to find out what caused this.


I’m thinking it was pilot error

Has the airport said if there were unusual wind conditions? It is possible that the plane was on the proper glide-scope but then wind gust forced it down.

Yea I’m definitely thinking its pilot error because they probaly stalled and was off the glideslope

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In the pictures, is the plane floating, or is it sitting on the lagoon floor?

How shallow is that lagoon?

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Yeah, the pilot when failed to land instead of pushing the throttle up he didn’t move it so the plane stalled.

I’m just happy that there were no casualties! Anyone got a link to the landing tutorial? Someone needs it 👀