Air Niugini Find Replacement for Aging Fokker Jets

Air Niugini has come to an agreement with Airbus to order 11 new Airbus A220 aircraft to replace their aging fleet of 6 Fokker 70’s and 7 Fokker 100’s. This comes as executives at Air Niugini were impressed by the aircrafts operating performance. This is because the aircraft can operate out of smaller airports with less hospitable terrain, which is a common occurence of flying in Papua New Guinea. They will look to use these jets on medium haul domestic and international routes. It is believed the first aircraft will not be delivered until 2025. This order joins Air Niugini’s order for 2 B787-8 aircraft which will replace their 2 aging B767-300ER’s.

What do you think, do you think this will prompt other airlines in the pacific islands to look to revitalise their fleets with newer and more fuel efficient jets? And would you be interested in adding this or their B787-8 to the sim once the aircraft begin to be delivered to Air Niugini?

An example of their livery on the B787-8 is below.


A sad news for Fokker fans and @AvioesEJogos.


Very sad news for the Fokker fans, but that livery will look stunning I think on the A220! And it has the range if they wanted to use it on the Hong Kong to Port Moresby route instead of using the B787-8 to replace the B767-300ER on that route.


Those fokkers are getting old… interesting topic!


Why thank you! They will be even older in 2025 when they are finally given a break!

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I didn’t know anyone was still flying F-28s, let alone in scheduled airline service.

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Well, I guess you learn something do every day. They will continue to until 2025 as well haha. So we can see them for a bit longer.

Well, they aren’t Fokker 28s, they’re Fokker 70s and Fokker 100s, which are modernized and improved versions of the Fokker 28. Last ones were made in 1997, so they’re not even that old, and over a 100 of them are still flying today.


Best decision ever

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I think the A220 is a great choice and will work well for them. The other choice in my eyes was the E-190. Both have short takeoff and landing capabilities with steep approach and climb.

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