Air Niugini crash video and it...

Really makes me mad when I see videos like this. Poor CRM, zero knowledge of airmanship or systems of the plane, and ZERO situational awareness. This crew has NO clue what’s going on. Those are just the bare minimums, in my opinion, to make a safe pilot.

There was a thread on this last year, but I found nothing on this video that is going viral and spreading like wildfire.

Sit back. Watch as things spiral down. Sigh


If anything this should be in #real-world-aviation but if the other thread was closed down then there was a reason…

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The other thread was closed down because it was 2018. At least based on my search.

Yes, if the mods could move it to real world that would be great. Thank you

I’m confused… are you mad at the crew or the fact they could not see?

I wish that video had sounds if it did then it would probably go viral

Yea… But it shows a video of a plane crashing… and was there a reason why that thread was closed?

I am at the crew for this to get this far. You don’t have to see to land the plane safely. The completely disregarded what the fms was telling them to do


Yeah I agree. It’s strange how they completely ignored the warnings.

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This video was released recently. That’s why the old post didn’t have the video

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Sir, that thread was from 2018 with no video. Just of what happened. The video has surfaced from a jump seater just a week or two ago. So this video is really recent. Not the story however.

Ahh okay:) Fair enough just trying to make sure of everything for you… Thanks for giving us the video of a tragic incident

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Pretty sad honestly. Imagine if this resulted is deaths. Sad.

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Anytime mate. Figured there was a disconnect somewhere. Ha


I believe someone did pass as a result of head injuries.

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Yeah 1 person did die because of this.

And I think five or six injuries

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Man, It’s Just So Said To See Video Footage Of This Disaster.

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@Erj145 understand how there’s always a chain of events that leads to these things but who does it ever get this bad. Pressure from the airline to be on time/get-thereitis? Fatigue? Training? Just doesn’t make sense how crews operating at the commercial level could let a situation deteriorate this much.


I absolutely understand. I would be a hypocrite to say I never had close calls, but with safety in mind and plenty of fuel I have gone the safe route.

This is pretty bad though. I talked to a handful of instructors from flight safety and cae and all they told me was training and situational awareness had a huge reason this happened. Sadly, I have to agree.

That approach was far from stabilized and it’s drilled to us in the US at any company unless it’s a min fuel situation you always go around. You can see the fuel gauge on this video. No min fuel situation


It really is :(

IMO: If anyone died as a result of this, their should not be a thread with a video of that crash