Air Niugini Boeing 767-300ER

Good Morning or Evening community!

Air Niugini is the main airline of Papua New Guinea. Their fleet is made of

  • 1 Boeing 737-700
  • 2 Boeing 737-800’s
  • 4 Boeing 737 Max 8’s (to come in 2020)
  • 8 Fokker 70’s (with 1 ordered)
  • 7 Fokker 100’s
  • 2 Boeing 767-300ER’s

I made this topic to request and vote for the
Air Niugini 767-300ER, which I think is needed in Infinite Flight because Port Moresby International Airport is very rarely visited, if not, not visited at all!

Here is a map of its current routes (note the routes marked in pink are the routes that are currently being operated and some of those pink routes are operated by 737’s)

Thank you for your time reading this Feature Request of mine and feel free to leave a vote if you would like to see this beauty in Infinite Flight!


It’s certainly a beautiful aircraft in the Australian skies, I often see it while spotting at Brisbane Airport. Voted!


I’m all out of votes, this is a great aircraft a lot

But the airlines main hub in IF was barely developed, just a ramp and that’s it

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Yeah, seen it at Brisi too, every day it flys over the Sunshine Coast and that’s when I see it the most, probably the same with you

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That’s true mate but I’m sure Port Moresby International will see an update in the future as the airport editing team slowly comb through all the unedited airports


Saw their 737-700 taking off this morning from Sydney, I quite like their logo. No update yet on their 787 orders.


Apparently it was cancelled due to ongoing issues. It was posted on their Instagram

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Really? Wow, that comes as a surprise. Any idea on what will happen to the Icelandair 787 order that had been redirected to Air Niugini?

This is probably just an excuse for not going ahead with the order

To my understanding the engine’s are an issue on their own, then there is rumours that many airlines have found cracks in brand new aircraft

They’ll be looking into other aircraft.