Air Niugini Boeing 737-800

Back again with a more exotic airline! Air Niugini, the flag carrier of Papua New Guinea, operates their 737 on domestic and international routes out of their base in Port Moresby across Australia, Southeast Asia and Oceania.


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I don’t like this livery becuse it kind of reminded me about a runway overun explodion

And also this is the 737-800 livery that overun

Wait what ?

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damn thats harsh to break the reputation of an airline down to a crash that happened years ago…

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Yeah cuz a engine exploded and the plane had no time to stop and it overunned and crashed into a valley

Oh okay never heard about it most be some years ago

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but other than that I like this like this livery

According to that logic you would have to hate every airline that ever had a fatal crash…


Hmm thats not all, other than the crash I don’t think I agree with you that I do that @unicorn


I’m a huge fan of flights in Papua New Guinea, and have enjoyed the handful of Q400 ones I’ve done. It would be great to have some representation of the country in IF, fully support this


Under that same logic, I don’t like the old American Airlines on the because it reminds me of 9/11 and a runway over run af Jamaica a few years back….

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An interesting addition to that region.


I dont have any votes left, but I support this livery, the Papua new guinea region needs liveries, this could open up a lot of possible routes! I hope to see this in IF!

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I Definitely Vote on This One ☝️
I used to live in Tabubil, Western Province in the Highlands
Papua New Guinea is Paradise and IF needs a livery for this country…