Air Niugini B737-800 P2-PXE

Air Niugini B737-800 P2-PXE


Air Niugini Limited is the national airline of Papua New Guinea, based in Air Niugini House on the property of Jacksons International Airport. It operates a domestic network from Port Moresby to 12 major airports while the subsidiary company Link PNG operates to regional destinations. It also operates international services in Asia, Oceania, and Australia on a weekly basis. Its main base is Jacksons International Airport which is located 7 Miles from Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. Niugini is the [Tok Pisin] word for New Guinea.

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Boeing 737-800

Air Niugini operates a single B737-800 on routes from Port Moresby to Brisbane, Sydney and several other destinations. This year they were supposed to start taking delivery of four Boeing 737 Max 8 to replace the 737NG. Due to the ongoing Max issues, delivery of these birds has been postponed until a further undetermined date.

My Thoughts

Air Niugini is a small airline with rich history, and a beautiful-simple livery. This would complement the other Pacific Island liveries already in game and would open up for more exploration of the nation of Papua New Guinea!

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That’s definitely a great livery. Good request!

You know what? I really like this livery! Spared a vote - I’m your number 2!

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Interesting request! I’ve never even seen this airline before until I did some research on it now.

Yeah its quite obscure compared to the big names, but there are lots of small carriers in this part of the world-- Air Calin being another one, which hopefully their A320 or A330 can be added to the sim!

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Thanks a lot! Cheers!

Nice livery and very informative topic :)

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