Air Nigeria Embraer 190

Air Nigeria was was the national flag carrier of Nigeria, which operated scheduled regional and domestic passenger services. Setup to replace the now defunct Nigeria airways it commenced operations on june 28th 2005 which was a shared ventured between Nigerian investors and the Virgin Group. The airlines ceased operations september 10th 2012 after Virgin withdrew from the business in 2008.
The airline had a small fleet of only twelve planes and operated 19 destinations. It fleet included the Embraer 190.
Embrear 190 specifications:
Length: 36.24m
Wingspan: 28.72m
Height: 10.57m
Max payload: 13,063kg
Thrust: 2× 20,000 lbf (89 kN)
Cruising speed: 829 km/hr
Range: 4,537km
Single class seat: 100@31/32" - 114@29/30”
Dual class seat: 96
Max fuel: 12,971kg.
This would be a great addition to IF for it would be perfect for the short haul among african countries.

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What a wonderful livery it gets my vote

I just love the tail design i’m positive this would be added to IF

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Oh i just love the embraer 190 and with this magnificent livery it definitely gets my vote i really need this in the sim. I also like the setup of the request i have a feeling we would be seeing this livery very soon

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I already edited DNAA, so this would be nice addition!


Beautiful livery, but aircraft looks a little old. Creates a nice blend of old, modern and traditional.


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Wait didn’t they have an a330

Yes they do have an a330

Is it just me or does this livery remind me of the ethopian airlines livery

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