"Air Newlealand" Spelling Error

While selecting a spot at KLAX, I came across this:

Look at the parking selection and you will see “Parking: Air Newlealand Cargo” I assume that this is meant to say “Air New Zealand” as i have never heard of "Air Newlealand

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@carmalonso @Kilt_McHaggis @Swang007 Check this out guys!

Thanks for reporting! @Freddiefrogs !

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So it’s meant to be Air New Zealand?

Mostly it should be Air New Zealand. Should’ve been a typo error

We’ll fix this

Changed it to bugs

I don’t think ANZ has a cargo service

The text has been fixed. I try my best to scour the map when I do these airports :)

maybe its not a bug, but an easter egg :D

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