Air New Zealand's Boeing 767-300 makes its final journey

Take this to a DM please, I’ll continue your disscustion there.

I am no longer going off topic since this is about Air Newzelands 767, not about a380s or what ever.

Well Sir, The 787 is economic and the -9 can hold a few passengers. The 787 family itself is the most eco-friendly and efficient, 2 things the A380 are bad at

Infrastructure we do Emirates operates a380. But there is not enough demand to operate on more then 1 route

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Aww, it’s sad to see that people are retiring Boeing 767’s.
Rest in peace

So I won’t be seeing it on Flightradar anymore? That’s sad, but the 787 is a good replacement.

They are quite old aircraft now so is understandable.

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They do take a stop in Los Angeles

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