Air New Zealand's Boeing 767-300 makes its final journey

The last flight of Air New Zealand 767-300 is now complete. The aircraft are replaced by the 787-9.

The 767-300 aircraft has been in Air New Zealands fleet since 1991. Its a the end of a great aircraft but the 787-9 offers the range,fuel efficiency and passenger comfort that the 767-300 doesn’t offer.


So sad to see them go but life goes on someday we will sadly see the A380s replaced with something


A380 has already been replaced by Boeing’s 777 & 787. and/or Airbus’s own A350 & A330/neo.

Now back on topic as A380 has nothing to do with this.


We’ll never forget Air New Zealand’s service with their 767-300.

Long live the Boeing 767!


Hoping they do a nation wide tour like the did with the 73, before its converted.

You can’t replace the A380 by a 787…

Still sad to see the NZA 763 go, but looking forward to the new 787s

It’s really sad to see them go. And Air New Zealand needs a new aircraft and I agree the 787–9 Dreamliner is a great choice.

Sad. The 767 was, and is, a truly amazing plane. Very very versatile.

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I dont understand why Air New Zealand doesnt have an A380, theyre on the otherside of the world for god sake! I mean, what plane would you take if you were flying from Heathrow to Auckland? if you were taking the 777-300er youd have to make atleast 1 stop for fuel

Because they don’t need the A380


Eh, they kinda do!
look at the distance between England and New zealand!

No they don’t, they don’t need the capacity of the A380, the 787 and 777 is already enough


Not many airlines want to order A380 as they are unable to fill them and ended up with loss. Anyway, 777’s capacity is already enough for them to use it on Long Haul routes like @Ninetales earlier said.

Its sad to see these 767s go. I wonder what would be the replacement for AKL-DPS route after these beauties go


The demand isn’t high enough for an A380. They would make a loss. 🙄


Because it’s a waste of money and the do not have the infrastructure for the oversized beast.

And that map is not accurate for measuring distance across the globe. That is a Mercator projection which is not even close to dimensionally correct. For example, Greenland appears to be larger than all of South America when in fact Greenland is about 800,000 square miles and South America is roughly 6.8 million square miles (2.1 million square km and 17.8 million square km respectively for my friends that use a normal system of measurement). It is distorted so badly because you cannot take the map off a globe and lay it flat without distortion.


Sad to see the 767s go, but aleast it’ll be replaced by another Boeing!

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787 is very long range

forgot to put &/or, sorry.

With all due respect sir, the a380 is economically better for airlines due to the amount of passengers it can carry as well as comfort. The 777 can definitely not carry up to 500 or above.
Thank you.

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