Air New Zealand ZK-FRE holidays special livery (737-300)

The retired Air New Zealand 737-300 ZK-FRE advertising new Zealand holidays was an iconic livery seen on no other aircraft worldwide. Due to Air New Zealand becoming an all a320,777 and 787 fleet the old 737-300 was retired.


This would be an awesome livery to see in infinite flight and would be a huge change from the regular livery.

And yes i do know the aircraft 737-300 isnt in the game!

Infinite flight doesn’t have a -300 yet but I place my vote

One picture per topic please

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That looks just so odd… but u have my vote

I like color, it’s bright and really catches the eye ;)

Oh and don’t forget to vote for your own request :)

Never knew this livery existed. Interesting.

If we ever get the 737-Classic addition, then yes you will have my vote:)