Air New Zealand Unveils The Skynest - Bunk Beds In An Airplane

Air New Zealand has revealed “The Economy Skynest” - 6 Bunk Beds for Economy Class passengers

Air New Zealand is once again revolutionizing travel.

First, they introduced the “Skycouch” for Economy Class. Now, they plan to introduce lie-flat beds in Economy Class.

As Air New Zealand operates some of the world’s longest flights, such as their upcoming Auckland to Newark flight, the airline intends to “put more magic back into flying”.

Each Skynest pod/bed will measure around 200cm (78 inches) long, and around 58cm (23 inches) wide.

Every “Skynest” features six of these pods so they could add more depending on available space or demand for the pods.

Air New Zealand will decide in 2021 whether to introduce the Skynest or not after assessing the performance of its Auckland to Newark flight during the first year of operations.

Air New Zealand’s Video:

Full press release:

Overall, it’s quite an innovative upgrade for economy class passengers. What are your thoughts on this?


I saw this on ANZ’s Instagram. Me likey :))))

I think it’s cool but it seems to close to the person beside you, but it’s a very nice idea.

I agree with @Armani_B, I think it feels a little bit claustrophobic. But It’s A Great idea! Let’s see how it goes for ANZ.

It’s an interesting concept/idea… I would think that it would cost extra money? Anyways great that Air New Zealand is trying to put more comfort into flying


This is a strange idea. It could lead to some awkward situations if you don’t know the other people in the beds.

Damn. I need to fly to New Zealand if that is how they are treating Economy Class passengers like me.

Air New Zealand’s Skynest reminds me of some long distance trains that have bunk beds and knowing how amazing Air New Zealand is I know this might go well

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I can’t imagine aircraft being musty and looking like 3rd class Trans-Siberian trains.

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I think the idea sounds good, but I personally don’t like this.

  1. You’re too close to other random strangers, and I like my privacy.

  2. It looks way too cramped. As someone with claustrophobia, this would be a big no, you’re packed in like a can sardines with random strangers and the whole area is just tight and not very roomy. And can you imagine the smell? No thanks! I my self would never sleep here.

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