Air New Zealand trialling Edible Coffee Cups

Air New Zealand, New Zealand’s National Airline, has announced they will be trialling a ‘Leak Proof, Vanilla Flavoured, Edible Coffee Cups’ aboard their aircraft. The announcement comes after the airline is making a push to reduce the amount of rubbish sent to landfill sites yearly. Air New Zealand had recently launched compostable plant-based cups which did reduce the number of cups being sent to the landfill annually; however, they wanted to continue to reduce the amount. Working with the Kiwi Company Twiice, Air New Zealand can now enjoy a coffee, or dessert in one of their Domestic/International Lounges, and onboard their aircraft when ordering a tea or a coffee.

Currently, the cups are made out of Paper and Corn, which are presented aboard all flights, these cups are expected to prevent 15 million cups being sent to the landfill annually. However, the announcement copped some criticism from twitter users; “So good to see an airline minimising its environmental impacts. Oh, hang on a minute…”, environmental journalist George Monbiot wrote sarcastically on Twitter. And another Twitter user commenting about the Airlines recent decision to cancel their Auckland to London Flight via LAX being better for the environment than edible coffee cups. However, Twiice Co-Founder Jamie Cashmore said that the initiative demonstrated that new and innovative ways of packaging were achievable. Air New Zealand has also been fielding concerns from customers on Twitter about dietary requirements. It told a vegan customer that the cups contained egg, while Twiice said the cups also contained gluten and might contain traces of nut and dairy.

Currently, Air New Zealand serves 8 million cups of coffee yearly and stresses that the current plant-based coffee cup will still be available for consumer usage if so desired.

The Edible Coffee/Dessert Cup

Air New Zealand



I had to make sure I was reading the title correctly…

It’ll be interesting to see where this goes…

oh dear…


Oh… ohhh no 😂

This could be a great idea, but it also could lead to people eating a hole in their fellow passengers’ cups and just, overall trolling them.

But, who am I to tell an airline how not to destroy their planes, lose their passengers, and overall not go bankrupt? 😂


This outta be interesting. First paper straws now edible coffee cups. What’s next, edible plates, and bowls? 🤣


Ahhhhh…@DeerCrusher coming out with the legendary comments as always 🤣


Probably lets be honest

I have actually tried the cups, they are pretty good. And beside the point of people stealing your cup once its done. You aren’t gonna steal a whole cup of coffee from a person sitting next to you. So its not like you are concerned about being trolled


I am sure this is something that will happen - I mean how can something like this not happen…

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Its basically a biscuit. Its probably gonna get stolen once its done

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Set your seat in the upright position and put your traytable back up. Or eat it. That’s fine. As long as it’s gone.”


My mind couldn’t get beyond eating what would be like a regular coffee cup and was just thinking why would you want to eat a coffee cup?

Then i realized its basically just like taco salad.


This made me laugh so hard my parents thought I’d gone completely crazy…

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I don’t know what’s on your mind but…

I don’t think there will be people fighting each other to eat edible cups anytime soon

I think this is pretty cool honestly, and I would want to have one of these cups if I was on a flight where they were offered


Alright, so… 😂

Lemme change the wording a bit.

What I mean is poking holes in people’s cups and things like that. Other than that, this could be a great idea!

This is neat! There’s a place up here that does something similar with hot chocolate

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Next comes the topic, “British Airways trying out edible A320s” 😂

(Not trying to roast this one, but it does seem that we’re changing everything to either made of trees, or straight up edible) Lol

That is very strange 🤔

They are pretty solid, you aren’t poking anything in that cup without taking a chunk out of it with your teeth.

I think the world has become slightly more aware that we aren’t doing enough to save the enviroment

They are solid to a degree. As in you couldn’t poke it to make it crumble, but you can take bites out of it.

Oh, ok. That sounds so cool.

I wonder if they’ll have different flavors.

United should have Stroopwaffle cups, and Biscoff cups at AA/DL

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