Air New Zealand to retire all Boeing 777 Aircraft


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Air New Zealand, New Zealand’s National Carrier, announced that it would retire all 777-200/300 aircraft would be phased out by 2026.

In a meeting with investors over the weekend, they announced that their 777-200ER aircraft would be retired with immediate effect and would never fly for the airline again, after being put into long-term storage in 2020 following the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic. This news comes after ANZ reported an After-Tax loss of $289 Million NZD ($202 Million USD), reflecting a full year flying in the pandemic.

Air New Zealand also announced that the 777-300 would be phased out by 2027, and replaced by the 787 Dreamliner. Air New Zealand currently operates eight 777-200ER, seven 777-33ER & Fourteen 787 Dreamliner aircraft with 8 on order with delivery from 2024. By 2027 they will only operate the 787 Dreamliner, Airbus A320, A321, ATR72 & Bombardier Q300 Aircraft.

Air New Zealand has also indicated its interest in electric, hybrid and/or hydrogen aircraft for domestic use.

While this news may seem sudden, it was expected. After they reported a Before-Tax loss of 440 Million NZD, and that they had already put most of their long-haul aircraft into storage it was only a matter of time that they retired their ageing 777 fleet.

Air New Zealand to retire all Boeing 777 Aircraft

Air New Zealand Fiscal Results 2021


Very unfortunate, but it was obvious that they were going to have to retire them anyway due to the worsening pandemic and it’s least fuel efficient in the fleet which costed the airline more. However I’ve been fortunate enough to fly on the 777-200ER series about 5 times and hoping to fly 777- 300ER before it goes.

Harae Ra 777-200ER 😔👋


First Delta now Air New Zealand… Curse this pandemic.


Hopefully I get to fly on one of these before they go, I am excited to maybe have environmentally-friendly aircraft buzzing around our skies though!


Don’t even know the last time I even saw one of the 777’s fly. Lately all they have done is sit on the ground, all covered up.

Only got to fly on the 777-200ER… Once…


by 2027 they are going to use ONLY the 787? wont an A321XLR/ULR be better if they want to ya know shorten their fleet?

or am i wrong?

Also, they use Q300s still?

I think it will only be 787 on the long haul fleet. There was words of them ordering 787-10’s But i think thats now gone into more 787-9’s


willl they stillhave the all black livery?

Yeah by 2027 they won’t have the 777 series, They fleet will consist with 787, A320 family(A320, A321) , ATR72 and maybe Q300 (they are trying find electric alternative replacement aircraft).

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They use the Q300 on short haul domestic routes, while the ATR are used on longer turboprop routes

the 787’s are for long haul only, fleet simplicity basically means one aircraft for long haul, 2 for medium haul and 2 for domestic use.

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so on NZAA-YSSY they would probaly use the A320/321?

Exactly and also 787 family.

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The black liveries are still around, I think it’s put on the planes that were the first of thier type.

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All Air New Zealand aircraft will still have the white body with the black tail, and the current all black 787s will stay


ah makes sense

ah the mountaious regions?

Considering they have never operated in this sector, don’t really see the need

for the XLR point?

short haul turboprop, basically flights to locations under 40ish minutes from a major airport, or smaller airports that don’t have the demand for a larger aircraft but still have routes

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I just looked on AirNZ’s Operational Fleet, and there’s no signs of 772/ or 773 around.

So if they aren’t phasing them out by 2026, Wouldn’t they still be on there?

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Ah yeah that because it also features the seat seating if you click onto the aircraft.They would of taken it off temporarily