Air New Zealand’s Possible replacement?

With 2020 through the front door Air New Zealand is currently changing CEOs from Mark Luxon to Ex Walmart Greg Foran usually a change of CEO brings a new dawn on the almost 80 year old airline. Bringing on the new order of 787-10s last year replacing there aging 777-200s with The oldest being 14. But what about those loud turboprops the Q300? Well the Regional Air Nelson (Owned and operated by Air New Zealand) with the oldest being 10 years currently the Q300 Air New Zealand will possibly look at a number of options on what to do next.

Option 1.

Currently there’s stories of Air New Zealand thinking about merging Air Nelson with Mt Cook Airlines (ATR72 operated). If Air New Zealand decided to do this they would more than likely purchase a few more ATR 72-600 aircraft to operate the routes it’s partner used to.

The Q400 Air New Zealand has looked at but are considering to withdrawal from the pile as a new Purchase of Q400s would be pointless as there much the same size as the ATR 72s.

The ATR 42-600/STOL is a high competition like Mt Cook and Air Nelson merging it’d much be the same deal as the Type ratings are the same. With the ATR-42 STOL it gives Air New Zealand the runway takeoff length needed just like the Q300 without needing to use weight reduction unlike the 72-600 maximising profits on the sector.

What are your options on what Air New Zealand’s next aircraft could be?

Have I missed anything interesting tell me on the comments and I might add it in 😁.

MT COOK airlines ATR 72

Air Nelson Q300

(All pictures are from Jet Photos)


I think they’ll go for more ATR 72s tbh. They have plenty, and I think the airports they serve with Q300s could handle ATRs, however idk.

They also serve some airports with both aircraft, like my local airport

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Id say Q400s as Flybe is srinking meaning some of their aircraft will go. So off flybe, long ferry but cheap

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The Q300 isn’t loud

Hence the Q for quiet

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😂😂 way louder than the ATR more on the ground after landing used to fly them heaps before they stopped operating NZCH-NZPM

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Forgetting about any strategic business decisions, I seriously hope they keep both the Q300 and the ATR, both great planes, plus I’m pretty sure Air New Zealands fleet has become less diverse lver the past 5-15 years

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I’ve been on countless Q300s and it is quite loud, especially compared to the ATRs

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Yeah definitely very noisy.

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