Air New Zealand’s new route

Air New Zealand will be starting a direct route to Tasmania (Hobart) when Covid-19 starts to wear itself down, they will be using the A320 from the north islands Auckland international airport just in case anyone was looking for an interesting route…


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Anyways, seems a pretty cool route!


Seems like a pretty cool route! Pretty great that Hobart has seen it’s first regularly scheduled international service!

Seems as though everyone’s going for the piece of the monopoly pie… This route makes sense given Qantas encroached on what once was a monopoly for Air New Zealand’s Sydney/Brisbane to Norfolk Island.

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Might have to fly that route Currently about to fly out of Hamilton for the first time

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Thanks for the update… I imagine Hobart would make an interesting and scenic approach! I’ve not been tempted really to fly NZ to Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane…

same! I’ve been flying so many U.S routes I haven’t really thought about New Zealand

Indeed, its nice to see Hobart get some attention finally

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Seems like a very good route for when the tran tasman border reopens. I bet there will be alot of Aussie going to go over. I would be one of them 🤣

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definitely 😂

Also to mention they will be operating 2 weekly and you forgot to put Neo at the end. Can’t wait for the Trans Tasman bubble to go ahead and see our cousins!

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Question very off topic buts what’s Air NZ ATR are like?

personally i’ve never been on one, only the a320’s so far but I could imagine they’re very loud in the cabin

yeah sorry, the news article read “A320 aircraft” so I just assumed they were referring to the 200, but yeah can’t wait :)

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Features leather black seat recliners with futuristic kind of cabin (Well Tbh looks like during night flights). Highly recommend you go once pandemic is over and our borders are open!

I’m in NZ I’m off to Wellington to see a mate

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The last ATR I went on was a Flybe in 2018

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